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IMG 6573 webMagic Carpet Ride - Full Body Treatment

This incredibly relaxing, therapeutic treatment involves a full-body Aromatherapy Lymph Drainage Massage, Gemstone Therapy to balance the energetic chakras, and lastly finished with the life/energy giving Therapeutic Touch. These three modalities restore the emotions, and biofield to allow the body to rebalance and regain its own powerful energy.
90 Min: $150

Eve Taylor - Aromatherapy Full Body Treatment

This therapeutic Lymph Drainage Technique treats both mind and body with the use of renowned Eve Taylor Essential Oils specifically blended for your own personal conditions. This incredible experience rids the body of cellular wastes, detoxifies and reduces stress. A luxurious heated mitt treatment for hands and feet completes this must have treatment.
60 Min: $130

Reflexology - Also Known as Zone Therapy

Reflexology is an ancient alternative to traditional treatments that dates back to Egyptian times It involves the physical act of applying a specific pressure technique to the feet with the aim of stimulating the body's natural re-balancing process. Benefits include relaxation, enhanced circulation, reduced pain, inflammation and edema. This hour long treatment includes steam towels, exfoliation and heated mitts for the feet.
60 Min: $120


Relieves sore, achy, knotted muscles due to overuse, or stress, with a deep pressure point technique guaranteed to bring relief. Includes face,neck, and shoulders in conjunction with aromatic oils.
30 Min: $70

Back Treatment with Hot Stones

Experience a pure blissful state as the back is exfoliated, then cocooned in warm steam towels, followed by the relaxing flow of hot stones that melt away tension. Great for detoxification,immune strengthening, and muscular stiffness. 
60 Min: $110

0604DDCF DEAE 4215 8E73 27CF18808896Hair Removal

 - Eye, lip or chin - $15
 - Lip & brow - $28
 - Eye, lip & brow -  $33
 - Full face - $55
 - Full leg - $70
 - Half leg - $50
 - Bikini - $50
 - Full arm - $35
 - Underarms - $25
 - Back - $60+